50 Shades of Brevet Dinner

50 Shades of Brevet Dinner


Start time: Friday 6:30pm (14 September)
End time: Friday 9:30pm (14 September)


Meet the locals, discuss your cunning plans and gear list, size up the competition (not that's a race of course,) beg for stuff you may have forgotten, have a stiff one to knock off the nerves, have a nice big feed for the weekend, buy the Flahute a beverage and food.

Collect your SPOTs, get a lesson on how to use them and the best place to wear them. Get some last minute advice for your Garmin...

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50 Shades of Brevet

50 Shades of Brevet

Saturday 8:00am (15 September)
Murchison, New Zealand, Murchison