Jeff Sanders - California Vaquero Horsemanship

Jeff Sanders - California Vaquero Horsemanship


Start time: Friday 8:30am (04 May)
End time: Sunday 5:00pm (06 May)


Jeff Sanders is a 6th generation California horseman. He can trace his horsemanship directly back through his family to 1854. Jeff stays true to the traditions of the old Spanish California horsemen and the legacy they left behind.
The tradition of California Vaquero horsemanship originated in riding schools and on the battlefields of Europe. Born in the war riding traditions of Spain, these skills were adapted to work cattle in the western United States.
Jeff's teachings will suit any disapline and are aimed at riders who wish to create a deaper understanding of softness, harmony and have their horse moving and carrying the rider in self-carriage.
Jeff places a strong emphasis on rider position, to allow and enable better movement from your horse and importantly, clearer communication between you and your horse. "Quite togetherness"
Whether you are riding or auditing, you will leave the clinic with a great amount of understanding, inspiration and motivation.

This is Jeffs first clinic in the North Island, the clinic is for 3 days and rider numbers are limited to 12, mostly working in groups of 6.
Rider places costing $825 with Bookings essential and a non-refundable deposit of $250 to confirm your place.
Auditors welcome and the cost is $50/day on the day(s) or $100 for the 3 days prepaid
For more information re Jeff Sanders and California Bridle Horse please go to or the facebook page Jeff Sanders California Vaquero Horsemanship

Please contact Lynley Bolt for registration and payment details