Linked Up Learners

Linked Up Learners


Start time: Friday 8:00am (31 August)
End time: Friday 4:00pm (31 August)


Come along one of our 'drifting for begginers' day!

A day spend with our carefully selected tutors to help out those trying to learn and get some skills together, this is ideal for someone with no experience right up to those of you who have done a few days and are keen to polish a few of those basic skills.

This will be very very very low car numbers to ensure everyone gets the maximum time with a tutor and the not to crazy cost of only $250 per driver (sorry no driver/car sharing)

Minimum requirements

For you:
100% cotton overalls/race suit
Covered comfortable shoes
Race helmet (sorry no open face)
Good attitude

For your car:
Coilovers suspension
Functional handbrake
Locked diff (at least)
Secure Battery
.9kg Fire extinguisher
Driver and passenger seats with working belts
All panels
Working wipers
No oil or fluid leaks
Wheel nuts/studs everywhere there should be one
Accessible tow hooks

All these requirements are to make sure you have a good time while also being safe, things like stock suspension and a factory LSD will cut into your ability to have fun.

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