New Zealand August 2018 | Advanced MindScape : Another Dimension

New Zealand August 2018 | Advanced MindScape : Another Dimension


Start time: Friday 9:30am (24 August)
End time: Sunday 5:30pm (26 August)


Advanced MindScape : Another Dimension with Senior MindScape Instructor Andy Spencer.

Take Your MindScape Workshop to Another Dimension

This Advanced MindScape course adds another dimension to your abilities to access and trust your intuition and the information you can access through your subtle senses. This course will provide lots of opportunities to gain insight on an issue or theme that you would like to work on. You will be encouraged to bring to the seminar a Theme or Story that you would like to work on, to gain insight and awareness, and to work with your sub-conscious programming.

Fast Access Techniques.
Upgrade Speed and Technique.
Confidence and Trust in your intuition.
Opportunities for Practise and Insight.

Gain Insights into 'Your Story'.
Identify and remove the fears and limitations.
Remove the subconscious programs that are not serving you.
Insight Intuition Awareness

The Living Metaphor
Polarity Questions
Environment and Synchronicity
Time Regression
Scanning and Distance Healing
Working with Archetypes
Deciphering Issues
Remote Viewing
There will be lots of opportunity to play with various exercises - some are included to practise and enhance the power of your MindScape, and others to provide more immediate insights. You will come away from this seminar being able to access your workshop on demand, and use MindScape with your eyes open. This of course means you are much more able to use it in everyday life on an ongoing basis. The more we use MindScape, the more we can see the results, and then the more we trust our intuition and ourselves!
Core MindScape is a pre-requisite.