Sideways September 2.0

Sideways September 2.0


Start time: Saturday 8:00am (01 September)
End time: Saturday 4:00pm (01 September)


Low car numbers and the low low price of $200 per car!

Please message for payment details

A few rules etc!
Right these days are nice and simple and probably one of the most relaxed days around with not many rules but those that are there we need to stick to and will be policed!

Dont play by the rules and there will be no second chances it will be time for you to leave.

Rules! (This by all means is not all the rules)
2) No alcohol/drugs/anything if I suspect you are still pissed from the night befor or to hung over no track time for you!
3) All drivers/Passengers closed shoes and helmets
5) Battery secure
6) Wheel nuts to be fitted everywhere there should be a stud
7) If I think something is dodgy chances are it is dodgy as fuck and we need to talk about it
8) No Smoking, Drinking Alcohol or Wearing of open footwear in Pit Area
9) Standing/Watching from prohibited areas (including standing on Armco/Fences/Pit Lane Entry)
10) Absolutely no dogs.
11) Static Burn Outs or Applied Brake Burn Outs (includes stationary wheel spinning following a spin)
12) Drifting in non-drift zones will not be tolerated and you will be ejected!
13) No Hands/Arms out windows or Hand-held objects in competition cars.
14) If your passengers are holding roll cage we will come down on you. This needs to stop as it is dangerous in a collision situation.
15) Minimum Single Layer (or cotton) overalls, Helmet, Closed Footwear

No cage = No passengers
Green = Go
Yellow = Hazard on the track stop drifting but you may keep circulating
Red = Stop at the red flat and await instructions
Black = You have gone and fucked up and who ever is waving the flag at you wants to talk to you so get your ass into the pits

Remember we are there to have fun and hang with our mates so come along with a good attitude and looking to have fun and it will be a good day had by all!

Upcoming events at Meremere, New Zealand

Linked Up Learners

Linked Up Learners

Friday 8:00am (31 August)
Meremere, New Zealand, Meremere