Working Mum's Retreat (Summer Nov 2018)

Working Mum's Retreat (Summer Nov 2018)


Start time: Friday 8:00am (02 November)
End time: Sunday 5:00pm (04 November)


Always super popular Dr Julie Bhosale's summer retreat has been set! This is her last retreat of 2018! Three days of peace, sleep, nourishing food and creative space to write and work hosted and organised by Dr Julie Bhosale.

Summer retreat from Friday November 2nd 2018 – Sunday November 4th in Matakana.

Total cost includes stay for two nights, three days and all food/coffee/drinks provided.

Note – Spaces limited to three people so be in quick as these always book quickly.

The Inspiration:

As a working mum who has written her Doctoral thesis and two published books while having two young boys (literally giving birth during this time!), Dr Julie knows without absolute certainly the importance and benefit of having a quiet space to work with full nights sleep. Doing periods of work in this way was key to completing her thesis and books. To quote “I would get more work done in three days then I would in an entire month”.

She also knows how challenging it can be to take the time and also the financial considerations with this too. This is why she organises these retreats three times a year (Summer, Winter and Pre-Christmas) in small groups, cooking and providing all the food herself to keep the cost as low as possible.

How it Works:

This is not a structured retreat. There is no organised activities or daily requirements – this time is literally yours to use for what you need. If you want to get up really early and do a block of writing you can. If you need some creative space to think and plan there is plenty of quiet areas indoors and outdoors. You can even have an afternoon nap when you like! Away from the distractions and demands of everyday live you will have so much space and energy to get out a huge amount of work.


All food is designed, arranged and cooked by Dr Julie – so you can trust it is nourishing and healthy! Can you remember the last time you had dinner cooked for you? The meal times will be loosely structured for ease of organisation but breakfast options are provided to be helped to when you like, lunch is designed to be eaten at a later stage if you get on a roll with work. Dinner does tend to all be eaten together as this is a natural time to talk as a group. An evening wine is also included (however if you have a strict deadline to meet this is still optional).


This is crucial. Dr Julie knows that potentially you have not had a deep, full nights sleep since having children. You will have your own room at the retreat and there is no need to go to bed at a certain time or wake up at a certain time.


This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other working mums, network, hear of some of the challenges and strategies that work for others in juggling work/business and motherhood. In addition you will also get to meet and talk with Dr Julie herself!

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